Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May "A Reading Season" Blog


May is here and finally so is Adult programming at DPL. We kick-off Thursday, May 5th, with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Archibald. His book, Shaking the Gates of Hell: A Search for Family and Truth in the Wake of the Civil Rights Revolution, is partially set in Decatur, Alabama. DPL is mentioned when his Mother needs to self-educate herself on a topic; she turns to the public library for books. He also told us he learned to ride his bike in the parking lot when the current library building was new. We hope you will be able to join us for more stories about his experiences growing up in Decatur during the era of Civil Rights.

The next program for adults will be held Thursday, May 19th, at 6pm. This program is for What a Day! Short Stories by Southern Authors. The Anthology is put out by the Heart of Dixie Fiction Writers, who meet monthly at Decatur Public Library. Eleven authors have stories in the book and nine of them are confirmed to be at the program so far. We will post the full list of authors next week with more details about the book.

May is International Short Story Month, so the task this month is to read a book of short stories. The What a Day! program will let you learn about a book of short stories that might be of interest to you and let you meet some of the short story writers. As Seneca said: “As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”

Happy Reading!

Monday, April 4, 2022

April “A Reading Season” Blog


April is National Poetry Month and DPL is celebrating with interactive displays. Come in and try your hand at Paint Chip Poetry, check out some poetry books, pick up a poem for your pocket and vote on your favorite poet and poem. The display cases will have information about poetry and be a work in progress for the paint chip poetry display. If you don’t feel creatively inclined to write a poem, fill out our survey to help us find the favorite poets and poems of our patrons. April 29th is Poem in Your Pocket Day, but we will have our annual poem postcards available to pick up and share by the middle of the month.

We have reinstated Story Time and Book Babies in the Youth Services room, so if you have small ones be sure to check out the early literacy programs on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. This month we will also partner with Magical Memories, AL for a special Story Time and Easter Egg hunt at Delano Park on Tuesday, April 12th at 10am.

If you are taking the Challenge this year or want to learn more about it, the Book Club will meet on Thursday, April 7th from 12noon to 2pm in the Community Room at DPL. Come find out about the Challenge and what other people are reading for the clues and tasks. We would love to see you and hear about what you are reading.

On the Hebrew calendar, the 27th of Nisan (April 27th) is Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Israel. Nisan is the first month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar; on the Gregorian calendar it usually falls in March-April. The day was set aside to commemorate the approximately six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, and for the Jewish resistance in that period. The April Task is to read a book about the Holocaust or Jewish resistance. Survivors of the Holocaust have repeatedly asked that the world not forget the victims or survivors of this painful part of history. Read a book to remember those who were lost and those who survived, to honor the memory of both.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March “A Reading Season” Blog


In Reading Challenge terms, March 1st  kicks off a new season: Spring. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for Spring right now. We’d like an end to the wet and cold and to move straight to warm and sunny weather going forward from now until summer.

No matter what the temperature outside, come visit us at DPL and check out the “Military Service: A History in Postcards” and “Honoring Military Service: Morgan County and Beyond”. These two displays are on view through Monday, March 28th during Library hours: Monday through Thursday 10am until 6pm, Friday 10am until 5pm, and Saturday 10am until 4pm. The “Military Service: A History in Postcards” is displayed in the main sitting area and is on loan from Troy University Libraries Humanities Project which is supported by a grant from the Alabama Humanities Foundation. The “Honoring Military Service: Morgan County and Beyond” is displayed in the glass cases in the main area and was provided by courtesy of the Kennedy-Nicholas-Ragland Collection.  Be sure to fill out a postcard while you are here and let us know your thoughts on the displays. There is a box on the front plug in bar to turn in comment  cards.

The March task for the ARC is to read a book set in Boston, Massachusetts. Are you wondering why Boston for the month of March? It’s because Boston has a lot of ties to the month of March and the Irish. There is a thriving Irish community in Boston, so much so they have an Irish Heritage walking tour year-round, not just in March which is Irish Heritage month. March 5, 1770, was the date of the “Boston Massacre”. Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th)  is an unofficial city holiday, as it falls on Evacuation Day-the day the British were expelled from the city after a successful siege by Patriots in the American Revolution. The city throws one of the best Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the United States. So, if you can’t get to Boston in person this month, make the trip through the pages of a good book set in Beantown.

Happy Reading!


Friday, February 4, 2022

February “A Reading Season” Blog


The 10th Annual Adult Reading Challenge follows the seasons during a calendar year. If you’ve already signed up we appreciate it and if you haven’t signed up but are curious, please come by the Marketing and Outreach office to talk to us. Our job takes us out of the building, so call or email to make sure what days/hours we will be available to talk with you.

There are 2 book displays in the Library right now that will help you with 3 of the clues on the Reading Log. One is in the Young Adult section and contains 2 displays: one for fairy tale retellings and the other for Black History month. 

The other display is in the kiosk and it has Romance paperbacks.


February 1, 2022 was the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is determined by the Lunar calendar and so is a different date each year. This year is also known as the year of the Tiger. To celebrate, the February task is to read a book by or about a Chinese or Chinese-American person.

Happy Reading!