Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Library cozies up in the month of January!

Decatur Public Library has a long history with quilts.  This past October we held our 34th annual quilt show, continuing the tradition of “decking our halls” with cozy, quilted art.   Beginning on January 2nd we will take our love of quilts to another level: a show AND SALE!

Ordinarily our quilt shows are just that: displays of quilts submitted by numerous artists.  The first ever Quilt Show & Sale will be different in a couple of ways.  For this show, all quilts have been crafted by one artist, Annette Byrd, who will be offering the quilts for sale.  This time, if you see a quilt you love you will have the opportunity to purchase it! 

Annette has been quilting for over forty years, resulting in an abundance of exquisitely crafted works of fabric art.  She has displayed her quilts in our October shows and in other quilt shows across the country, and has won awards.  One of Annette’s quilts is even in the permanent collection of the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville!

Since she was a librarian at the William Bradford Huie Library in Hartselle for many years, Annette has a lifelong devotion to libraries.  We also consider her part of our library family, since she worked at the Hartselle Library when it was a part of the Wheeler Basin Regional Library system.  In addition to showing her quilts and offering them for sale, Annette will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale to Decatur Public Library.

We hope you will stop by during the month of January to see the amazing quilts.  We combed Annette’s quilt inventory to find a selection of different styles, sizes and techniques to display.  We think you’ll be enchanted by the fabrics, colors and artistry of Annette’s work!  


Detail of "Monet's Garden"

Detail of "Baltimore-South"