Tuesday, August 27, 2019

September Task

Since 1987, September has been Library Card Sign-Up month. In the past, DPL was hampered by the software we use when it came time to celebrate this event. We could only issue cards from inside the building, and most people coming into the Library already had a card or were entering the building to get one. We needed to be able to go out of the building, ask people “Do you have a Decatur Public Library card?”, and if they said no, sign them up and get one in their hands right then. Finally, we have that ability! So don’t be surprised if you see the Marketing and Outreach department in the community in September signing people up for the best card to carry in your wallet. As a matter of fact, check our Facebook page to find out where we are and come by and say hello. If you don’t have a DPL card, we would love to issue you one of your own. We will even show you how to access all of the online resources and digital goodies you are entitled to for FREE with a Decatur Public Library card.

The September task for the Adult Reading Challenge is to read a book with a Psychic as one of the characters. Alabama has hosted several famous psychics. The most famous being Edgar Cayce who lived in Selma for 12 years before moving to Virginia Beach to found the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Rena Teel was known as the ‘Seer of Millerville’ and read the grounds left in coffee cups. “The Sleeping Preacher of North Alabama”, Constantine Sanders of Limestone County, went into trances and made predictions about the future. Finally, we learned a lot about Miss Daisy Nolan, Decatur’s own psychic, this year in a DPL summer series program.

Happy Reading!