Tuesday, August 4, 2020

August "Notes on Reading" Blog

Can you believe it’s August already??!! This year has somehow managed to move along at both an agonizingly slow and a ridiculously fast pace.  This Thursday (August 6th) would have been our August Book Club meeting.  While we are sad this cannot happen due to COVID-19 restrictions, we plan to send out the first ARC Newsletter via email to all participants of this year’s Adult Reading Challenge by end of day on Thursday.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people did not give us an email address when they signed up, so if you do not get the e-newsletter in your inbox, then we do not have an email address for you.  You can email stephrhonda@myDPL.org to request your copy of the e-newsletter and we will add your email address to our 2020 Adult Reading Challenge participant list.  We will also have a printed copy of the newsletter in the book outside our office if you prefer to look at it that way.

When we requested books you have read for the challenge to share with others in the newsletter, two of you sent us the same video of the Rock Bottom Remainders. We have shared it on our Facebook page, but if you didn’t see it click here.

Which brings us to this month’s task for the Adult Reading Challenge:  Read a book by one of the members of the Rock Bottom Remainders. Please verify the author you choose to read is listed on the website or Facebook page for the band.  Please note that the band members have changed through the years, but if they are listed as band members on the above links then you can count them.

Happy Reading!