Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Task

This is National Library Week, a time to celebrate all the ways libraries provide for the communities they serve.  DPL works hard to be a community center that provides educational and entertaining resources and programs to all, regardless of age and economic status. If you enjoy and appreciate all of the resources provided by Decatur Public Library, let someone know. You don’t have to tell us; share what you love about the library with someone who does not use us. Tell them why you take advantage of what we offer and let them know that they too are welcome here.

The National Library Week Honorary Chair is Misty Copeland. She was the first African American to be principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. When not dancing, she writes books and donates her time to be a mentor to young boys and girls to empower them to strive hard to attain their goals.

With Misty in mind, the April task for the Adult Reading Challenge is to read a book focusing on a person who uses their status to influence and help others. There are many celebrities-authors, athletes, actors/actresses - who use their fame and fortune to help someone else climb a little higher. The person may be a fictional character, but the story must center on helping others with his/her influence. Read a book about someone using their power to help others, then think about how you can also be a positive force for the people in your life.

Happy Reading!