Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Task

March is Women’s History Month and we have a wonderful display titled: Historic Women of Decatur and Morgan County. The display comes from The Schaudies-Banks-Ragland Collection and was put together by Frederick D. Kennedy, James L. Nicholas, Jr., and Wylheme Ragland. There are brief bios and photos of the following women: Leila Seton Wilder Edmundson, Cora Breeding Harris, Mae Jemison, Elder Bertha Polk, Daisy Murphy Nolan, Abbie Robinson Schaudies, Eva Adelaide Young Sterrs, and Grace Elvina Hinds Curzon. If you haven’t been in the Library this month to see the display, it’s worth your time to come by and check it out. While you are here we have lots of books by and about other historic women. We hope to see you soon.

This leads us to the March task for the Adult Reading Challenge. In honor of Women’s History Month read a book by your favorite female author. There are many strong female writers and this will be one of the hardest tasks-deciding on just one.

Happy Reading!