Friday, December 14, 2012

Civil War Conference March 14-16

The following information has been provided by Gettysburg College:

The 150th anniversary of the American Civil War presents a unique opportunity to

engage public audiences in discussions about the long shadow of the conflict,
and the myriad ways in which this past has shaped, and continues to shape,
21st-century America. How can we, as public historians, make the most of the
platform the anniversary provides to open new conversations, both with public
audiences and with our Civil War colleagues?
Please join us in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in March 2013 as we explore this
question in a highly-conversational three-day conference on The Future of Civil
War History. Co-sponsored by Gettysburg College and Gettysburg National Military
Park, the conference, which will be held at Gettysburg College from March 14-16,
2013, will devote itself to exploring new ways the historical community can make
the Civil War past more engaging, more accessible, and more usable to public
audiences as we look beyond the 150th commemorations and to the future of Civil
War history.
Built around a wide variety of panels, presentations, working groups and field
experiences, The Future of Civil War History will feature over 150 speakers,
including Dwight Pitcaithley, Tiya Miles, Ed Linenthal, David Blight, Cathy
Stanton, David Glassberg, Barbara Franco, and Seth Bruggeman.
Sessions that may be of particular interest to public historians include:
  •  How Can Civil War Sites Offer a Usable Past During a Time of War?
  • Reinterpreting Civil War Monuments
  •  Debating Battlefield Rehabilitation
  • New Media and the Future of Civil War History
  • Building a Dialogue Among Museum Professionals, Academics, and Civil War Re-enactors
  • Sites of Violence: New Approaches to Conflict Tourism
  • Slavery and Contraband History at Civil War Sites
  • Discussing Gender at Civil War Sites
  • Interactive History: Creating a Gaming Experience at Civil War Sites
 Space is limited, so those interested in attending are encouraged to register by
January 15. For registration information and a draft program, please visit the
conference website: Questions? Email

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adult Reading Challenege

Starting in February of 2013, we will begin our first ever
Adult Reading Challenge!

"Visit” as many countries as you can through the magic of reading!
We will provide you with a “passport” to keep track of your “trips”, and when
the challenge is complete your stamped passport is your entry for fabulous

Here are the levels:

Visit 15 countries to be a TOURIST
Visit 25 countries to be an EXPLORER
Visit 50+ countries to be a GLOBETROTTER

We’ve set three levels so that YOU choose how much (or how little!) you want to
read.  Each level will have its own prize drawing.

We’re also making it simple to get a country “visit” stamp in your passport.
Simply read a book from the Decatur Public Library collection that:

Is set/takes place in the specific country
Is written by an author from the specific country

Sound like fun?  We think so!

Stay tuned for more details as the time for the challenge gets closer.
We will have a list of the continents and current countries, suggested reading
Frequently Asked Questions, details on the prizes, and much, much, more
available as the start of the challenge draws near.

Only books read after the challenge officially begins will count towards your
“travels”, but you can definitely start planning your itinerary.

Check our website and Facebook page frequently for more information.
Start packing your bags!